Loan Application

Information Needed

To get started, begin assembling loan application information and contact the appropriate Lighthouse Representative to discuss your financing needs.

Lighthouse requires the following information to fully understand a prospective client’s business and to determine how it can creatively structure a loan to fit the business’s unique requirements –

  • Last 3 year-end financial statements and/or tax returns.

  • Most recent interim financial statements with monthly breakdown.

  • Projections for next 12 months, if available.

  • Accounts Receivable listing with invoices aged from invoice date.

  • Inventory listing.

  • Accounts Payable listing with invoices aged in accordance with terms offered.

  • Recent borrowing base certificate from current lender, if available.

  • List of all company locations with address and phone number.

  • List of shareholders/partners with ownership percentages and ownership structure.

  • Most recent appraisals of machinery and equipment and inventory, if available.

  • Description of any current or pending legal issues.

  • Current personal financial statement for each principal owner.

  • Website address and any other pertinent industry information.

Charts and figures with laptop

The Approval and Funding Process

Using this information along with discussions with the company’s owners, officers and/or top executives, the Lighthouse Team will develop and propose a creative financing solution that uniquely fits the prospective borrower to help it achieve its objectives, often within 48 hours.  Each Lighthouse loan is tailored to each client company.

Following acceptance of a written proposal, the Lighthouse Team immediately begins work on due diligence investigations which include a field examination, collateral appraisals if necessary, and a visit by a Lighthouse underwriter.  Credit approvals can be granted in as little as 10 days depending on the complexity of the transaction and the responsiveness of the prospect’s personnel.

Following credit approval and acceptance by the client, loan documents are prepared, the documents are finalized and executed, and the loan is funded.  During the life of the loan, Lighthouse clients may borrow against their line of credit based on the availability of their collateral under advance formulas on a weekly, daily or as needed basis.

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